What Is OpenInvest?

OpenInvest is smarter investing, online and easier than ever. We’re a robo advisor, an online and mobile platform for managing your investments. Skip the bank, the high fees and the lack of clarity. See exactly what you’re invested in and whether you’re on track to meet your long-term financial goals.

What makes OpenInvest different is that we incorporate the causes you care about into your investments. Whether you want to support women in the workplace, stop gun violence, or slow climate change, OpenInvest can help you put your money where your morals are.

It’s simple. Check a few boxes, tell us your financial goals, and we’ll create a completely custom portfolio, just for you. You can change your investments any time, and our proprietary proxy vote technology will give you a say in the companies you own. Whether you’ve never invested before or you’re an old hand, OpenInvest is the next step in making your finances a force for good.

OpenInvest can hold individual or joint accounts, standard investment accounts, and traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs. Not sure if OpenInvest right for you yet?  Create a sample portfolio based on your causes – no need to give us any personal information until you’re confident.

  • Invest Intelligently

    We'll create a tailored portfolio for your values and give you analytics to show your impact.
  • Drive Change

    Go beyond protests to make real change by investing in companies that are building a better world.
  • Reach Your Goals

    Earn returns without sacrificing your morals.
  • On Your Side

    We're a Public Benefit Corporation with absolutely no hidden fees, ever!
Find out what's hiding in your portfolio
What's hiding in your portfolio?

How is OpenInvest Unique?

Other Investing Tools

  • Heavily invested in climate polluters, weapons, private prisons, and more
  • Layers of hidden fees
  • No customization
  • No transparency into what you own
  • No ability to Divest-Invest, make changes, or use your voice


  • The only investment advisor fully tailored to your values
  • Fully transparent, with NO hidden fees
  • Divest-Invest, join movements, and make positive change, without having to sacrifice returns
  • Unique tax advantage
  • See your social and environmental impacts measured right on your dashboard!

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