Cut the Fees, Not Performance

We’re an online advisor who makes it easy to optimize your investments for you, your values, and your future. See exactly what you’re invested in, and hit your goals sooner by cutting out the extra fees.

OpenInvest incorporates the causes you care about right into your investments. Fight climate change, dump weapons stocks, support equal rights, and more, without having to sacrifice financial returns.

It’s simple. Check a few boxes, tell us your financial goals, and we’ll create a completely custom portfolio, just for you. Make changes any time.

OpenInvest can hold individual or joint accounts, standard investment accounts, and Traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs. Not sure if OpenInvest right for you?  Create a sample portfolio based on your causes, or click “Chat” in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • Invest Intelligently

    A fully customized investment portfolio helps you hit your goals sooner, but was reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Not anymore.
  • You Are Unique

    Concerned about the environment, weapons, equal rights? How you invest makes a big difference. We made it easy.
  • Easy & Automated

    Forget the confusion. On your phone, computer, or tablet, easily launch a portfolio and watch it grow.
  • Public Benefit Corporation

    NO hidden fees (putting more $ in your wallet), know what you own, measure your real-time impact, and more...

of actively managed funds fail to beat the market — Financial Times

"The question is when is active management good? The answer is never," explains Nobel Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama.

There are no special insights, and anyone who tells you they have one is likely misinforming you. To invest like an expert, you should buy and hold the market. With OpenInvest, for the first time, you can do so without sacrificing your values.

OpenInvest is structurally designed to perform like the S&P500. As you choose and update your preferences, OpenInvest will automatically re-balance your personal portfolio while keeping you tracking the performance of the market. This is better investing. And we built it for you.

How is OpenInvest Unique?

Other Investing Tools

  • Heavily invested in climate polluters, weapons, private prisons, and more
  • Layers of hidden fees
  • No customization
  • No transparency into what you own
  • No ability to Divest-Invest, make changes, or use your voice


  • The only investment advisor fully tailored to your values
  • Fully transparent, with NO hidden fees
  • Divest-Invest, join movements, and make positive change, without having to sacrifice returns
  • Unique tax advantage
  • See your social and environmental impacts measured right on your dashboard!
Find out what's hiding in your portfolio
What's hiding in your portfolio?

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