Our Story

OpenInvest was started in 2015 by Conor Murray and Phil Wei, who met building financial systems for the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. They founded OpenInvest to merge their personal interests in global causes like climate change and equal rights, with their professional skills in constructing advanced, customized investment strategies. Shortly after, they teamed up with Josh Levin, a sustainable finance expert from the world’s largest environmental organization, the World Wildlife Fund. With backing from Y Combinator, Silicon Valley leaders, and impact investing experts, they set out to reinvent finance, for good.

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Our Core Values: Honesty and Transparency

Our Mission

OpenInvest is the world’s first automated investment advisor that builds your personal investment portfolio based on the causes you care about. Our mission is to make responsible investing easier than ever. We want people who care about issues like Climate Change, Deforestation, and LGBTQ rights to easily plan for their future, and maximize their impact, without having to sacrifice performance.

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Check out Josh, our co-founder chatting on a popular investing television program recently about the future of socially responsible investing!

The Future of Investing

Until recently, truly investing with your personal values was impossible. The costs of customization were simply too high.

With OpenInvest, this is all changing. Thanks to our unique backgrounds, we’re able to take the same software used to construct large market-tracking index funds, and run it in real-time, just for you.

The result is revolutionary: easy and automated, with full transparency, customization to your values, vote proxies, and make changes and join movements at any time. Our systems will always re-balance to keep you fully diversified and tracking the performance of the market. This is “activist-passive” investing.

Furthermore, by cutting out the middleman, we can lower fees and generate a sizable tax advantage.

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