Our Story

OpenInvest was founded by a unique set of friends. Conor Murray and Phil Wei are leading financial technologists. They met while managing teams and building key systems at Bridgewater Associates, helping drive its growth into the world’s largest hedge fund over the past decade. Phil then left Bridgewater to co-found a billion dollar consumer technology company, Deliveroo, in the UK.

But they always dreamt of building something that would fundamentally change the world, for the better.

That’s when they teamed up with their friend, Josh Levin, a sustainable finance leader from the world’s largest environmental organization, WWF. Together, and with backing from Y Combinator, Silicon Valley leaders, and impact investing experts, they set out to establish a Public Benefit Corporation that would truly reinvent finance…

Our Mission: To democratize capital. We use technology to bring more transparency and honesty to financial services, ensuring people’s investments truly reflect their personal values and drive their societal visions.

Better Investing

What if you could invest or save for retirement, while only funding positive companies and projects? What if this provided the same returns as investing through Wall Street, while cutting your fees and taxes? What if you could create movements, learn from others, and tell your CEOs what to do?

Now you can. And it’s easy! Just tell us what you care about (learn more about the issues) and answer a few questions on your finances. In under 5 minutes, we’ll set up a long-term investment portfolio optimized for you, your finances, and your future.


You vote with your ballot, your consumer choices, and your social media…

Why aren't you investing with your values?

Some of our unique advantages:

  • 100% tailored to your personal values

  • No sacrifices required - designed to track market performance

  • Low fees and low minimums

  • Use your voice: divest-invest, vote proxies, and share

  • See your impacts right on your financial dashboard

Why aren't you investing with your values?