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Our story

OpenInvest was started in 2015 by Conor Murray and Phil Wei, who met building financial systems for the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates. They founded OpenInvest to merge their personal interests in global causes like climate change and equal rights, with their professional skills in constructing advanced, customized investment strategies.

Shortly after, they teamed up with Josh Levin, a sustainable finance expert from the world’s largest environmental organization, the World Wildlife Fund. With backing from Y Combinator, Silicon Valley leaders Andreessen Horowitz, and impact investing experts, they set out to mainstream socially responsible investing and make shareholder participation an easy, everyday part of activism.


OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) dedicated to using technology to bring honesty and transparency to financial services, while making socially responsible investing easy and more accessible. We want to ensure that everyone’s finances truly reflect their personal values and can drive positive social change. read more...

Through their finances, citizens now have broad-based collective ownership of the economy. Naturally, as investors, human beings, and families, we all want long-term financial returns, and we have various social or environmental concerns.

See cofounder Josh Levin explain OpenInvest


OpenInvest fosters a unique culture - referred to as “Radical Transparency with a Heart” - that aligns with our Principles and Mission. We try to be 100% honest with all clients and stakeholders. We never claim to have insights or capabilities that we do not. We frequently turn away customers who are not ready to invest or whose needs are best met elsewhere. And if we make a mistake, we admit it immediately and in full. read more...

Internally, we provide real-time 360-degree feedback. Any team member can attend any meeting (including her supervisors discussing her performance review, reviews of others, etc.). And our #1 taboo is speaking behind another team member’s back, which is never tolerated.

The “Heart” includes pro-actively building a workplace that is diverse in its ideas, backgrounds, identities, and orientations. We are able to best support that diversity of personalities, and the free-flow of information, through an environment that is positive and mutually supportive, while still ruthlessly dedicated to truth, rapid personal development, and excellence.

Underlying OpenInvest’s philosophy is a fundamental belief in Truth. By consistently identifying and reducing bias, while increasing diversity, we can more frequently reach the best decisions. Through direct and honest feedback, we can more rapidly foster each employee’s development to her full potential. And through transparency, we can ensure that OpenInvest’s growth is always based on true value creation.

Team Members

Claire Veuthey
Claire Veuthey Head of ESG LinkedIn_icon

Claire has worked to help investors better integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into their decisions for the last decade. She has held research, investment, product development, and business development roles in London, Toronto, Singapore, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. Before joining OpenInvest, she led the Wells Fargo Social Impact Investing team’s ESG research and corporate engagement work. Claire also served as an advisor to the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board during its inaugural year, and was part of the first cohort to earn the FSA (Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting) credential. Claire is currently pursuing her MBA at Berkeley-Haas, where she was awarded a Dean's Fellowship. She holds an M.A. From King’s College London and a Licence from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Conor Murray
Conor Murray CEO, Co-Founder LinkedIn_icon

Conor has spent more than a decade in finance and financial technology, including as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and ultimately leading teams of engineers in architecting, designing, and building next-generation investment systems at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. Conor served as a senior technologist and was responsible for the technology behind the firm’s automated portfolio construction and management, risk control systems, position management, trade pacing, and analytics, which optimized investments across all the firm’s funds and dozens of separately managed accounts totaling more than $150 billion. Conor graduated from MIT with a degree in Math and Computer Science.

Hanu Kunduru
Hanu Kunduru Software Engineer LinkedIn_icon

Hanu has worked extensively across the areas of technology, finance and startups in various capacities over the past decade. Having been in the founding team of two technology companies before OpenInvest, he is a strong believer in the power of bringing together technology and business in solving the difficult problems facing the world today. He is passionate about inclusiveness and considers open & easily accessible education as the best medium for bridging the gap in society and making the world a better place. He volunteers at a non-profit organization 42 Silicon Valley, that is disrupting engineering education through an innovative university alternative program which is background agnostic and completely free to students from around the world at a large scale.

Josh Levin
Josh Levin CSO, Co-Founder LinkedIn_icon

Josh joins the team after a decade in sustainable finance, including the last six years at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s largest environmental organization, where he managed the Sustainable Finance Program. His experiences include having authored numerous reports and articles (including, among other widely used frameworks, The 2050 Criteria: Guide to Responsible Investment in Agricultural, Forest, and Seafood Commodities), developed new financial products in public and private equities, spoken at dozens of conferences, led partnerships with UNPRI and other global bodies, helped broker the historic BEI Soft Commodities Compact with a dozen of the world’s largest banks, and helped develop widely utilized ESG data scoring systems for public equities. In the past, Josh has also worked with Root Capital, where he expanded the impact lending portfolio to Southern Africa; the Rainforest Alliance, where he created the new pricing and business model; and Conservation International, where he, as a much younger man, tracked tigers and other endangered species in the Cambodian jungle. He holds a BA from Harvard and an MBA from NYU Stern, where he was a Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship. Josh is passionate about racial justice, deforestation, ethical supply chains, and animal welfare. This reflects his activist start working on mass incarceration, private prisons, and prisoner rights in the 90's, and his professional career over the past 10 years in the environmental movement.

Mac Erskine
Mac Erskine Software Engineer LinkedIn_icon

Mac joined OpenInvest to help drive a reduction in carbon emissions, deforestation, and the usage of fossil fuels as well as support equality in the workplace. He also loves coffee ice cream and long walks on the beach.

Nima Shah
Nima Shah Head of Product LinkedIn_icon

Nima has been managing and developing financial software products for the past 14 years at large financial institutions as well hyper growth fintech startups. Nima developed various trade surveillance and business automation enterprise platforms prior to leading the Syndicated Bank Loans origination and trading platform re-engineering effort at Goldman Sachs. She then joined KKR as a business process and technology solutions leader at KKR's public credit division, where she was responsible for developing various Investment Operations, Finance and Risk technology as well as automating the Investment due diligence and valuation workflows. She then joined Lending Club as a product leader developing key products on both the borrower and investor side of the marketplace platform. She led the product development effort for Lending Club's Investor Servicing and Data platform delivering investor and credit data through sophisticated API's and dashboards. She has a bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering and is passionate about workplace diversity and climate control.

Peter Borocz
Peter Borocz Engineering Manager LinkedIn_icon

Peter Borocz has designed, developed, maintained and supported software on behalf buy-side financial institutions for over 20 years. While most recently, he served as a Technical Director at Energy Solutions, he's also worked at firms as diverse as AXA Rosenberg, Fisher Investments and Barclays Global Investors as well as fintech product firms such as TibCo, Cogency Software and MiFund. Peter earned an MS from Stanford University with degree in Engineering and Economic Systems as well as a BS in Mathematical Economics from Santa Clara University.

Phil Wei
Phil Wei CTO, Co-Founder LinkedIn_icon

Phillip Wei has designed and built automated trading systems for some of the world's largest hedge funds, including Bridgewater Associates and Blue Mountain Capital. He was responsible for the first use of Linux and C++ at Bridgewater, working with a senior trading analyst to build the platform used to trade all equities and futures. His systems enabled Bridgewater to trade more than 100 times the volume it could handle on its previous platform, eventually totaling billions of dollars a day and supporting Bridgewater’s growth into the world’s largest hedge fund. He then developed and built out a quantitative trading platform at Blue Mountain Capital designed to execute many simultaneous strategies. Phillip went on to co-found Deliveroo, an international food delivery startup, which is now valued over US $1 Billion. Phillip holds a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Sophia Blistein
Sophia Blistein Operations Coordinator LinkedIn_icon

Sophia was excited to work for a company where supporting women in the workplace and helping to stop the American gun violence epidemic were a priority. More recently the Dakota Access Pipeline has been an important cause for her.

Tim McMacken
Tim McMacken Customer Success Manager LinkedIn_icon

With more than a decade of helping clients find the right solutions and leveraging platforms to their unique needs, Tim joined OpenInvest to help users plan for their future while making the world a better place. With a strong desire to make positive changes in the world and hope that humanity comes together to make it through the next few centuries, Tim will be happy to help you bring a little heart to capitalism.


Stuart Davidson
Stuart Davidson Sonen Capital · Labrador Ventures

Raaid Ahmad
Raaid Ahmad Facebook · Weebly · Bridgewater

Kate Starr
Kate Starr Flatworld Partners · Heron

Jane Bulnes-Fowles
Jane Bulnes-Fowles Veris Wealth Partners · Lean Enterprise Institute

Ben Silbermann
Ben Silbermann Pinterest · Google

Adam Gromis
Adam Gromis Goldman Sachs · Imprint Capital Advisors