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Direct Indexing

At Scale

Family Offices

How It Works


Specify your client’s values and benchmark


OpenInvest’s software analyzes all securities


Customized SMA tracks the benchmark closely


Re-optimizes regularly as ESG and financial data change


Ongoing shareholder empowerment, proxy voting and impact reporting

OpenInvest’s technology helps advisers grow by offering value-added services to every client:

• Portfolio customization

• ESG & impact investing specialization

• Automated tax-loss harvesting

Are you positioned for the future?

OpenInvest’s elegant solution puts advisers in the driver’s seat, driving acquisition and retention.

Dynamic Custom Indices

Purchase individual stocks directly, providing granular tax-loss harvesting, so your clients won't be charged platform or fund management fees. Now that's adding value.

Are you in tune with your clients' interests?

OpenInvest reports on the impact of your clients' investment preferences so you can help them invest with certainty.

Harness the Power of Dynamic Custom Indices