Trump’s EO Seeks to Reverse Obama’s Clean Energy Policy

Under the banner of energy independence and job creation, President Trump signed the “Energy Independence” executive order today. But will he able to deliver on any of his promises?

Tue Mar 28 2017

What I Learned from Pride & Prejudice

This past Thursday, The Economist hosted its second annual “Pride & Prejudice Conference” the premier global LGBTQ rights-in-the-workplace event. I was honored and thrilled to take the stage for the opening panel, alongside Neil Blumenthal, CEO at Warby Parker, and Mary Beth Maxwell, SVP for Programs, Research, & Training at the HRC.

Mon Mar 27 2017

Neil Gorsuch on the Issues

Of Trump’s many position picks, few will have as wide an impact as Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. How do we expect him to affect key issues?

Tue Mar 21 2017

San Francisco Becomes #NextToDivest

San Francisco could be the #NextToDivest from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Wed Mar 15 2017

Private Prisons and You - Part II

Private prisons are back in fashion. Are you invested in their success?

Tue Mar 14 2017

Divest from Signet Jewelers & Corporate Mistreatment of Women

Is your retirement account funding a company that has allegedly profited from and cultivated a culture of the harassment and exploitation of women?

Wed Mar 08 2017

Divest the Dakota Access Pipeline

We’re introducing the first #DivestDAPL investment screen for investors. With one click, you can divest from the companies financing and building the Pipeline.

Wed Feb 01 2017

Making Financial Resolutions a Priority in 2017

What if 2017 could be the year that you saved more money towards buying a home or another important financial goal? What if you finally paid off all your debt this year? Wouldn’t it be great to end 2017 in a better financial position than you started it in?

Tue Jan 17 2017

Talking Over Trump: Committing to Divest Together

Like voting, your individual contribution may seem small. But it’s one of the most powerful tools we’ve got. Because together, we can move mountains. Hence the #DivestTrump HeadTalker campaign.

Thu Dec 22 2016

5 Steps to Divesting from Palm Oil Deforestation

Tons of the biggest public companies use palm oil in their products, but how do you find out who’s leading and who’s lagging when it comes to sustainability? And how do you reflect that in your investment portfolio? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Sat Dec 10 2016

What Makes SRI Work?

But why might an SRI-friendly portfolio outperform the full index? If you have a basket of 500 companies and you remove a few, it is tempting to think that you will earn lower returns, but your returns depend on which ones you remove!

Wed Nov 30 2016

Divest Donald Trump

OpenInvest is proud to launch the first Donald Trump portfolio screen in investment management, giving anyone the power to put their money where their mouth is. When you sign up or log in, you can easily exclude companies who openly backed Trump, and favor those who took a stand against him.

Wed Nov 23 2016