Activist Diaries: 6 Female Leaders You Need To Know

This is part of an ongoing series where we highlight activists and movements on the rise. It’s the 6th month anniversary of the Women’s March, so we wanted to share…

21 July, 2017

How To Easily Slash Your Carbon Footprint: The One Place You Never Thought To Look

Your retirement plan is stinking up the planet! Are you upset about Trump pulling out of Paris? Great – you’re not alone. Like many other Americans, you’re probably wondering how you…

13 July, 2017

Take Action: Net Neutrality Day

Do you know what Net Neutrality Day Is? Well you need to! Today is Net Neutrality Day, and advocates all around the world are fighting back to protect our access…

12 July, 2017

What The Trump: 15 Times Trump Proved He’s Horrible For Women In The Workplace

Donald Trump’s Twitter is the definition of “bully pulpit”. In light of his recent tweets attacking Mika Brzezinski, one-half of the anchor duo at Morning Joe, we wanted to highlight…

12 July, 2017

6 Celebrities Who Are Standing Up For Refugees

In light of the renewed #MuslimBan, we wanted to highlight 6 celebrities who are fighting to support refugees. Make sure to tweet your support @ them! 1. Piper Perabo  …

11 July, 2017

OpenInvesting 101: Does Socially Responsible Investing Mean Sacrificing Returns?

Interested in learning about Socially Responsible Investing returns? Great! We’re here to clear up some myths.  There’s a common assumption that socially responsible investing means sacrificing returns, but the data…

10 July, 2017
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Divest the Dakota Access Pipeline

Last fall, after months of tireless protests from the Sioux and their Native allies, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) the easement it needed to…

1 February, 2017

Divest Donald Trump

OpenInvest is an online investing platform. To learn how to divest your investments from Trump-affiliated companies, read on. If you don’t support Trump and his agenda, it doesn’t make much…

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