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Divest the Dakota Access Pipeline

Last fall, after months of tireless protests from the Sioux and their Native allies, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) the easement it needed to…

1 February, 2017

Divest Donald Trump

OpenInvest is an online investing platform. To learn how to divest your investments from Trump-affiliated companies, read on. If you don’t support Trump and his agenda, it doesn’t make much…

23 November, 2016

Back Your Boycott

There’s probably at least one company you refuse to support, and you’re not alone! A wildly popular question on Reddit last week was “What is a company that you refuse…

14 November, 2016

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OpenInvest, Public Benefit Corporation

OpenInvest is pleased to announce that we’re now officially a Public Benefit Corporation! The desire to make a positive impact drove our founders to start OpenInvest, and now the goal…

28 April, 2017

Thoughts on the Science March

I had no idea scientists were so creative! From periodic table jokes to scientific takes on political slogans, the signs, shirts, chants and costumes at Saturday’s Science March were really…

24 April, 2017

Why the Fiduciary Rule Matters To You

You’ve probably heard a lot about President Obama’s fiduciary rule, a regulation his administration created that would go into effect in 2017. But what exactly is it? Fiduciary duty is…

21 April, 2017

Wells Fargo: When All News is Bad News

It’s been one thing after another with Wells Fargo. They’re one of the largest financial backers of the Dakota Access Pipeline. They opened over 2 million accounts in the names…

17 April, 2017

Now or Never: Max Out Your 2016 IRA Contributions

No one likes April 15th – tax day. But this year, since it’s Emancipation Day in Washington DC, we have until the 18th to get our taxes in. So, in…

4 April, 2017

Trump’s EO Seeks to Reverse Obama’s Clean Energy Policy

Under the banner of energy independence and job creation, President Trump signed the “Energy Independence” executive order today. It encourages the EPA to suspend or flag for review more than…

28 March, 2017
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