The OpenInvest Difference

Investing + Impact = OpenInvest We’re the only investing platform that lets you customize your portfolio to fully reflect your values, without compromising your returns. At OpenInvest, we combine extensive…

19 May, 2017

Why Don’t All Jobs Matter?

While President Trump campaigned vociferously on the promise that he would revive the mining and manufacturing industry, it remains likely that the coal industry won’t see any substantive gains due…

17 May, 2017

Andreessen Horowitz Leads $3.25 Million Investment in OpenInvest.

We’ve got major news! We’re stepping it up, and we’ve got help. Over 2 years ago, our founders started building a tool to help civic engagement evolve from a choice…

16 May, 2017

The 60 Second Activist: Demand A Special Prosecutor

Does the president serve the interest of the American people or is he influenced by Kremlin ties? President Trump’s firing of James Comey comes on the heels of dismissing other…

10 May, 2017

Trumpcare: Everything You Need To Know About The New Bill

Last Thursday, House Republicans, without any hearings or even an updated Congressional Budget Office analysis, swiftly moved to pass a hastily written bill that would strip 24 million Americans of…

9 May, 2017

Join the Anti-Fossil Fuel Movement: Global Divestment Week

All over the world, people are taking up the cause of fossil fuels divestment. Today marks the start of Global Divestment Week, a worldwide project from anti-climate change leader From…

5 May, 2017
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Divest the Dakota Access Pipeline

Last fall, after months of tireless protests from the Sioux and their Native allies, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) the easement it needed to…

1 February, 2017

Divest Donald Trump

OpenInvest is an online investing platform. To learn how to divest your investments from Trump-affiliated companies, read on. If you don’t support Trump and his agenda, it doesn’t make much…

23 November, 2016

Back Your Boycott

There’s probably at least one company you refuse to support, and you’re not alone! A wildly popular question on Reddit last week was “What is a company that you refuse…

14 November, 2016