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The OpenInvest App Has Arrived!
10 / 9 / 2017
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OpenInvest makes responsible investing easy. And for the first time in history, you can vote in the shareholder resolutions that matter to you… with a swipe!

*Updated 1/17/18 to include the release of OpenInvest’s Android App. The OpenInvest app, available for iPhone and Android, opens a new chapter in personal finance. Now it’s easier than ever to launch a complete OpenInvest portfolio, tailored to your goals and values, without having to sacrifice returns. Then you can sit back and watch your performance – and your real-time social and environmental impacts – right on your dashboard. We’ll also let you know when important opportunities to make change emerge. Swipe your vote in shareholder resolutions, divest-invest, and take other powerful actions. When you own companies, you’re in charge.


Investing Used to Be Tricky

Investing used to be complicated, opaque, and inaccessible to the larger public. But our app allows anyone – to invest for their dream house or retirement, without the unnecessary fees and confusion. You don’t have to be a finance wizard or millionaire to do more with your money. OpenInvest dynamically customizes your portfolio based on your values and financial goals, at a fraction of the cost it normally takes to invest. To put that into human terms: Investing our minimum of $3000 will cost you less than the price of 4 cups of coffee each year! You can get almost anything with a swipe these days: takeout, flowers, a ride – and now responsible investing.

Easy and Intelligent Investing

  • Create a personalized financial plan tailored to your goals and values.
  • Easily automate your savings and investment plan.
  • Choose between individual or joint investment accounts, or traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs, and let the app guide you through a series of simple questions to help craft your perfect portfolio.
  • Proprietary technology allows you unprecedented levels of customization, anytime and anywhere.
 Two iPhones showing screen shots of the OpenInvest iOS app. The cause selection screen is shown first; the portfolio impact -- financial as well as social and environmental-- is shown second.

Secure Investing

  • State-of-the-art security and 256-bit encryption ensure that your personal information is always secure and protected.
  • OpenInvest never touches your money, which is custodied with a FINRA member and SIPC insured broker-dealer.

Impactful Investing

  • Choose, mix, and match the issues you care about.
  • Fully transparent – know exactly what you own.
  • In addition to financial performance, you can monitor your real-time social and environmental performance right on your dashboard!
  • Divest-invest with a swipe. Your portfolio will automatically rebalance so you don’t have to sacrifice returns.
  • Learn about new issues, investing, and more in our learning center.
  • Vote in shareholder resolutions with a swipe!

Two iPhones showing screen shots of the OpenInvest iOS app. The proxy voting screen is shown first; the portfolio impact -- financial as well as social and environmental-- is shown second.

More Affordable, Honest Investing

At OpenInvest, personal finance is accessible and transparent. You only pay a single, inclusive fee of 0.5% of assets annually. Skip the underlying ETF or mutual fund expenses, transaction costs and other commonly hidden or underlying fees. Ready to take it for a spin? Download the iPhone app or Android app today!

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