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Shareholder Activism: Oracle and the Gender Pay Gap
11 / 8 / 2017
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Shareholders of technology giant Oracle have the chance to stand up on behalf of women this week.

They are asking that Oracle draft and publish a report on whether a pay gap exists between male and female employees – and what the company will do to close it.

Everyday investors have the right to tell the companies they own what to do on important issues from diversity to climate change, but it’s historically been difficult and time consuming to vote on shareholder resolutions. Thanks to new technologies, it’s now easier than ever to vote your shares and amplify your voice.

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The proposal, led by a mutual fund with investments in Oracle, points out that multiple studies show that board and managerial diversity are linked to better corporate performance and higher stock market valuations. However, with women comprising only 23% of Oracle’s leadership positions, the company has a ways to go. The proposal also points out that in the technology sector, women make 5.9% of their male peers – and that Oracle should do something to ensure that problem doesn’t exist in their own company. The Oracle Board of Directors, arguing that it does enough to support gender diversity already, recommends a vote against the proposal.

What do you think?

Sign the petition to get Oracle to commit to closing the gender pay gap.

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