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Invest in Pro-LGBTQ Companies

While the battle to legalize gay marriage dominated many of the conversations about gay rights in recent years, workplace rights and protection against workplace discrimination have always been major concerns for LGBTQ activists.

The goal of LGBTQ workplace rights is to protect individuals from bias in hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, compensation and harassment on the basis of their sexual orientation or identity. In the United States, protections vary greatly by state, and sixteen states have no protections at all. However, individual companies can protect the rights of employees and even customers. While some are making positive strides towards including LGBTQ individuals in every protection and privilege, there is a tremendous gap between corporate leaders on the issue and the rest of industry.


Each year, the Human Rights Campaign* produces the Corporate Equality Index, which rates companies out of 100 on their treatment of LGBTQ employees. The index is strengthened by broad parameters including sexual orientation and gender identity in the company’s non-discrimination policy, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive benefits, organizational LGBTQ competency, and public commitment to the LGBTQ community. If you select this screen, OpenInvest invests you in companies rated 80-100 and divests you from companies rated 0-20.

*OpenInvest, and its services, are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC), the Corporate Equality Index (CEI), or any other of the HRC’s affiliates or publications.

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