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Stand Up to Donald Trump

PresidentTrump has a history of misogyny, racism, disbelief in proven climate science, disregard for veterans and the disabled, and a troublesome amount of personal business interests. This screen is for those who believe the above issues may interfere with his judgement as Commander in Chief and would like to take a stand.


Various news sources were used to identify pro- or anti- Trump companies. This theme both overweights and excludes companies. It is an evolving screen that is updated based on the evolving political and media landscape; in these turbulent times, there is a fast-moving bar for what is considered a strong yet practical corporate response to Trump’s words and policies. At present, the screen includes companies whose current executives have openly spoken out against the President, and who proactively withdrew from Trump’s business councils after the events in Charlottesville, VA. It largely excludes companies who chose not to withdraw from the councils before they were dissolved. The screen also excludes retailers who are boycotted by the #GrabYourWallet campaign for selling products that bear the Trump name (though you can choose to re-include those companies on the individual inclusion/exclusion page).

Additional Information

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