What issues do you currently support?

OpenInvest has more than 10 “themes” which you can mix and match to customize your portfolio to your values. These themes both screen out bad practices and favor companies who are leaders on that issue. Our themes range from fighting climate change to supporting gender equality, and many more. You can see all of them on our Causes Page.

We also have a number of themes that are unique to OpenInvest and you won’t find anywhere else, such as the ability to divest from the Trump brand and supporting business, to include companies doing the most to help refugees, and/or to favor companies who do the most to stop human rights violations and human trafficking in their supply chains.

Finally, you can individually include or exclude specific companies to fine-tune to your personal values and make changes anytime!

If you have suggestions for a new screen or would like to ask about a custom solution, please contact us.

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