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    Tell us what you care about. Fight climate change, support equality, divest from weapons and deforestation, and more. Easily tailor to your values.

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    Your portfolio is transparent, comprehensive, and fully diversified. Your assets grow directly with the market, cutting fees and taxes, while funding the world you want to see.

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OpenInvest is better investing. We create a comprehensive financial portfolio tailored to both your finances and your values

The Post-Fund Future

Until recently, truly investing with your personal values was impossible. The costs of customization were simply too high.

With OpenInvest, this is all changing. Thanks to our unique backgrounds, we’re able to take the same software used to construct large market-tracking index funds, and run it in real-time, just for you.

The result is revolutionary: easy and automated, full transparency, customization to your values, vote proxies, and make changes and join movements any time. Our systems will always re-balance to keep you fully diversified and tracking the performance of the market. This is “activist-passive” investing.

Furthermore, by cutting out the middleman, we can lower fees and generate a sizable tax advantage.

Welcome to Better Investing.

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