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Meets Impact

Why OpenInvest?

OpenInvest is a separately managed account (SMA) solution that helps sustainability-minded institutions custom screen their passive index investing to advance their mission and values. OpenInvest’s proprietary technology empowers its clients to directly purchase the underlying basket of stocks in their preferred benchmark, screen out and screen in companies aligned to their mission, and closely track the benchmark. By offering the benefits of direct stock ownership, OpenInvest allows institutions to skip the middleman and avoid a layer of fees while enabling customization to their values, measurable social and environmental impact data, participation in shareholder campaigns and the ability to vote their proxies. Headquartered in San Francisco, OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to expanding values-informed investing through technology. The company was founded by two of the architects of Bridgewater Associates’ portfolio management and trading systems and a sustainable finance expert from the World Wildlife Fund. It is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, YCombinator, and QED, the founders of CapitalOne. OpenInvest now employs a staff of financial, technology, and ESG experts across three continents and is recognized as a global thought leader in ESG implementation.

Customize your Causes

Track the Market

See your Impact

Vote your Values

Enhanced ESG Data

Full Transparency

Your investments can have a powerful social impact, while tightly tracking any market index


Are you positioned for the future? OpenInvest’s easy and elegant solution puts advisers in the driver’s seat, driving acquisition and retention.

Foundations & Endowments

OpenInvest aligns the passive core of your portfolio with your organizational values. We use better ESG data you can trust, providing a quantifiable impact.


Welcome to the future of pensions. Stakeholders express their views, divest-invest, and vote proxies with a swipe, while tightly tracking the benchmark.

OpenInvest Portfolio Construction


Specify your values and your target benchmark


OpenInvest’s software analyzes all securities


Customized ‘fund’ tightly tracks the benchmark


Re-optimizes regularly as ESG and financial data change


Ongoing shareholder empowerment, proxy voting and impact reporting

OpenInvest Overview


Modern Ethical Investing

Questions? We're here to help