Who We Are

OpenInvest is a technology-based investment adviser comprised of a team of civil society experts and reformed Tier 1 technologists from the world’s largest hedge fund.

We married values and technology to create a 100% mission-driven Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to mainstreaming sustainable investing. We serve investors big and small.

Most importantly, we are your partner in using finance as a progressive tool to shape the world.

Our Product

  • Transparent Customizable Platform

  • Superior ESG Integration

  • Make Changes Any Time

  • Streamlined Proxy Engagement

  • Low & Transparent Pricing

  • Tax Advantaged

How We Do It

OpenInvest is better investing.

We use revolutionary technology to bypass the traditional Wall Street food chain, generating more financial value and unleashing your true impact potential. With our superior ESG and financial tools, you can systematically avoid companies or sectors that violate your principles, support companies that are leading the way, and easily engage the edge-cases.

Meanwhile, rest assured our systems work to keep you diversified, tax efficient, and optimized to track the performance of the market.

Your performance and impacts are systematically quantified and reported to help further your mission.

Meet the new responsible investing

  • Share Your Goals

    We’ll develop a smart investment plan for your organization.

  • Further Your Mission

    Drive change through superior technology and ESG data.

  • Engage

    Get started now. Make changes or take action any time.

Why aren't you investing with your values?