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Your Impact

How It Works

OpenInvest is a Public Benefit Corporation that creates and manages customized equity portfolios. By offering direct stock ownership, OpenInvest portfolios can be tailored for each client. You also have access to measurable impact metrics to see the difference your funds have made, and targeted shareholder engagement through proxy voting to continue to vote for change.

Tech-Enabled Investing

Our proprietary technology enables investment accounts personalized to your mission. Add positive impact tilts and negative screening on the issues you care about most. Our unique approach to ESG data provides more granular and up-to-date coverage, while supporting “causes” found only at OpenInvest. Proprietary algorithms minimize tracking error from benchmarks and are designed specifically for integrating multi-source, dynamic ESG data. Our platform displays concrete, intuitive, real-time impact data, and our systems enable dynamic shareholder engagement, so you can vote in line with your values, too.

Your Portfolio = Your Mission

Align your assets to your mission. OpenInvest helps you amplify your impact by targeting your investment portfolio to support your grants and programmatic work.

A New Approach to ESG

We source the best ESG data sources for the causes you care about, and fold them into your portfolio dynamically. A new woman is elected to a board, new research on gender pay gaps emerges, and we update your portfolio so it always reflect the latest data. Because of our mission, we consistently supporting new issues – such as Support Refugees, or Divest the Prison-Industrial Complex— unique only to OpenInvest.

Pensions of the Future

Values are personal, and so is the future of Defined Contribution. With OpenInvest, shareholders can express their views, divest-invest, and vote proxies with a swipe, while tracking specified benchmarks.

Harness the Power of Dynamic Custom Indices