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Custom Indices

OpenInvest is an asset management platform that provides custom portfolio generation and direct indexing at scale. Our solutions empower advisers to deliver personalization, tax-loss harvesting, tailored ESG, and proprietary factor portfolios, at scale, while maintaining firm-level discipline.

Dynamic Custom Indexing

Want to truly differentiate and add value for clients? OpenInvest puts industrial-strength manufacturing tools at advisors' fingertips. Delivered through APIs or plug-ins, relationship managers can deliver personalization, tax-loss harvesting, tailored ESG, or even their own factor portfolios, while maintaining firm-level discipline.

White-Labeled SMAs

OpenInvest helps institutions launch new and thematic investment strategies without the overhead. With OpenInvest tools and experts, you can overlay financial and ESG factors onto existing firm strategies to launch exciting new product offerings to attract and retain new segments, complete with full financial and impact reporting.

Impact Reporting

Already onboard with impact investing but your clients want proof? OpenInvest delivers tangible, intuitive impact metrics so you can provide them evidence that their choices make a difference.

Proxy Voting

Voting in the annual general meeting is wonky and time-consuming. Until now... OpenInvest can provide advisors with an alert when there is a meaningful resolution that aligns with a client's deeply held values. An intuitive summary and links to SEC filings make it easy to engage. Swipe through your queue, or just let ballots default to standard ESG guidance. Now you can choose to give your clients a vote, a voice, and a powerful new touchpoint with their most trusted relationship managers.

Harness the Power of Dynamic Custom Indices