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Custom Indices

OpenInvest is an asset management platform that provides customization and direct indexing at scale. Our solutions empower advisers, investment platforms and to skip the fund fee and deliver personalization, tax-loss harvesting, tailored ESG, and proprietary factor portfolios while maintaining firm-level discipline.

Model Separately Managed Accounts

OpenInvest helps institutions build a passive investment strategy that closely tracks the market while reflecting their mission and values. Our SMA solution directly manages the stocks underlying your target index, delivering values-based customization. Choose from one of our standard offerings featuring a preset benchmark index, causes, and tracking error target.

A la carte

OpenInvest is a tech-enabled asset management platform that provides customization and direct indexing at scale. Mix and match from our extensive list of causes and select a benchmark index, and we build your client an SMA tailored to her specific needs and your performance requirements.

Impact Reporting

Already onboard with impact investing but your clients want proof? OpenInvest delivers tangible, intuitive impact metrics so you can provide them evidence that their choices make a difference.

Proxy Voting

Voting in the annual general meeting is wonky and time-consuming, so most investors don't even bother. Until now, proxy voting has been blocked by fund managers, red tape, and a pile of paper packets. But we've cut through to unleash the world's first digital democracy. Some of these ballot measures include crucial decisions regarding whether a company should pollute, support equal rights, and more. Proxy voting is a crucial and underused investor right. With OpenInvest, your clients can finally make their views known.

Platform APIs

Our APIs empower relationship managers to skip the fund fee, and deliver personalization, tax-loss harvesting, tailored ESG, or even their own factor portfolios, while maintaining investment discipline at the level of the firm.

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Harness the Power of Dynamic Custom Indices