2 Mar, 2017

Is Trump the Tipping Point for Ethical Investing?

Ironically, Trump’s election may go down in history as the tipping point for the mainstreaming of ethical investing. It only makes sense. Unless you live in one of a handful of swing states, your finances provide more influence than your federal ballot. And you can “vote” with your money every day.
9 Feb, 2017

A New Robo-Adviser Lets You Build Portfolios That Shun Guns and Oil Shares

The founders of OpenInvest, an online startup with backing from early-stage venture capitalist Y Combinator, think a cohort of newly moneyed millennials will be willing to pay extra for a passive investment that allows for more of a voice.
19 Jan, 2017

This Man’s Algorithms Will Manage Your Money – With a Conscience

Conor Murray's company OpenInvest aims to change the way people invest their money and at the same time inject a bit of life into the ethical-investment movement, which has promised to transform the world for well over a decade. Born in Belfast and based in Northern California, where he has almost entirely lost his Irish accent, Murray says his online investment platform is all about being “straightforward, personalized and empowering.” And what better way to put power back into individual investors’ hands than the robo-advising algorithms built by Murray and CTO Phillip Wei (who also co-founded the food-delivery service Deliveroo in 2012)?
13 Jan, 2017

Robos Getting a Jump on SRI

Robo-advisors may be catching human advisors flat-footed when it comes to socially responsible investing, InvestmentNews says.  At least three new robos—OpenInvest, Earthfolio and Grow Invest—have sprung up in the past 18 months to capitalize on investor demand for sustainable investing. And “it’s likely only a matter of time before many of the largest digital advice platforms include an SRI component as well,” the publication writes.
2 Nov, 2016

Robos Grow a Social Conscience

Industry surveys indicate many traditional wealth managers are late to join America’s socially-responsible investing party. But not robo advisors. A host of startups are offering computer-driven portfolios sensitive to environmental, social and governance issues. And each aims to deliver services online at lower costs than most brick-and-mortar investment advisors.
25 Oct, 2016

How NGOs Can Increase Impact by Aligning Their Finances with Their Mission

Community or cooperative banks have existed for decades, and provide opportunities to support local economies through deposit accounts. Products like community notes have a long track record of supporting local economies in the US or Europe.
17 Oct, 2016

Read This if You are Not a Zillionaire: Impact Investing For the Rest of Us

Supply is beginning to catch up with demand for impact investing products for “retail” investors. Ample research indicates that everyday investors increasingly care about the impact of the investments they make. But impact investing products – funds, direct deals, social impact bonds and the like – have mostly been geared to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.  
7 Apr, 2016

This Startup Lets You Invest Only in the Companies that Shares Your Values

Nearly half of millennials, a much bigger percentage than previous generations, say that they want to invest in line with their values. But it’s not always clear how to do that. A new startup called OpenInvest makes it simple: It asks what you care about–climate change, workforce diversity, etc–and then automatically creates a customized index fund made up of the companies that do best on those issues.

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