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OpenInvestWealthfrontVanguard FundsSocially Responsible Mutual FundsSocially Responsible ETFs
Additional and/or Hidden FeesNoYes[1]Yes[1]Yes[1]Varies
Total Annual Fees, Including Everything0.50%0.25%[1]0.05-1.10%[2]Varies. Average is 1.08%[3]Varies. Average is 0.49%[4]
Tax-Loss Harvesting Optimized at Securities LevelYesOn accounts over $100,000[5]NoNoNo
Minimum Investment Amount$3,000$500[6]Varies$500 - $2,000,000[3]Varies
Total Portfolio Advisory and OptimizationYesYesNo/LimitedNoNo
Easy Transparency Into What You OwnYesNo (Click here to see what's hiding in a Wealthfront Portfolio)NoNoNo
Socially & Environmentally Responsible OptionsYesNoYes/LimitedYesYes
Tailored to Your Unique ValuesYesNoNoNoNo
Make Changes Any Time, Including Divest-Invest from Companies Based on Their BehaviorYesNoNoNoNo
See Actions Trending Among Others Who Share Your ValuesYesNoNoNoNo
See Your ImpactYesNoNoNoNo

Disclaimer: The information in this chart was gathered from the websites of the organizations themselves and third party websites as cited directly. It is updated periodically. However, we make no guarantees as to accuracy. Information may change in-between updates, and it is not meant to guide specific investment decisions. We recommend you conduct your own research before making a final decision on a service provider.