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Your Vote Finally Counts!

Vote in Shareholder Resolutions with a Swipe

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What is proxy voting?

A company makes decisions…

When you own stocks, you're technically in charge. Each company holds an annual meeting, where shareholders can vote (in person or electronically) on important issues.

...and you decide how they should treat shareholders, employees, and the planet!

Some of these ballot measures include crucial decisions regarding whether to pollute, support equal rights, and more. Voting is both your civil right and one of the most impactful tools in your life.

Some Upcoming & Proposed Votes

Should Monsanto have a human rights committee oversee their company policies and decisions? Learn more

Should Emerson Electric 1) institute an independent chairperson, release 2) records of political and 3) lobbying spending, and 4) set carbon emissions reduction goals? Learn more

Should Apple 1) have a human rights committee oversee their company policies and decisions and 2) give shareholders more rights with regard to their board of directors? Learn more

Should Franklin Resources be transparent about its political spending? Learn more

Recent Resolutions

Until now, proxy voting has been blocked by fund managers, red tape, and a pile of paper packets. We've cut through to unleash the world's first digital democracy. Now you call the shots in Corporate America, with a swipe. Here are some popular past votes.


Should Nike tell shareholders how they spend money to influence politics? Your vote will ask the board to issue an annual report stating policies and direct/indirect donations to any political campaign or spent to influence public policy… Learn more

Should Coach Inc build towards a plan for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions? Your vote will ask the board to draw up a report estimating the risks and rewards of implementing zero greenhouse gas policies to reduce or offset their carbon emissions. Learn more

Should Proctor & Gamble issue a public report detailing the risks to the Company caused by state policies supporting discrimination against LGBT people? Your vote will ask how the Company may defend LGBT employees and their families against discrimination and harassment… Learn more

Should Oracle prepare a report detailing whether a pay gap exists between male and female employees, and if it does, what steps should the company take to reduce the gap? Learn more

Should Lam Research Corporation share their annual EEO-1 company diversity report on their website in corporate social responsibility reports? Your vote asks that the results of this survey be shared with shareholders and the public. Learn more

Are you ready to exercise your shareholder rights?

Shareholder Activism in Your Pocket

Launch a complete investment portfolio, tailor to your values, vote proxies with a swipe, monitor your impacts, and much more. Better investing is in the palm of your hand.

Common questions

Do I need to own shares to vote?

Yes. You need to own shares of the company as of the date the vote was announced. By signing up with OpenInvest now, you will be ready to vote in some of the extremely important upcoming votes.

Do I need to be an OpenInvest customer?

Yes. OpenInvest is the only investment advisor in the world that offers the ability to swipe your vote in shareholder resolutions.

Do I need the app to vote?

As of now, OpenInvest only offers this feature on its new iPhone app. In the coming weeks, we will make it available for Androids and desktop.

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