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Simple, Honest Pricing
  • 0.5%
    Total annual fee
  • $0
    No trading fees
  • $3000
    Low minimum investment
No price tiers or hidden fees, just a low, flat 0.5% annual fee.
Pricing Comparison
OpenInvest Betterment Vanguard Funds Socially Responsible Mutual Funds Socially Responsible ETFs
Performance Market Market Varies Varies Varies
Additional and/or Hidden Fees Fees Beyond the basic annual advisory or management fees. These additional fees are often hidden or can be difficult to understand and are not apparent until closely viewing your financial statements. Yet they are often significant. No Yes[1] Underlying Fund Fees or “Expense Ratios” found on your statement
Yes[1] Annual Fees, Purchase Fees, and Redemption Fees Yes[1] Can include Front-End Load Fees, Back-End Load Fees, and more. Varies Trading commissions when you buy or sell ETFs
Total Annual Fees, Including Everything 0.50% ~0.40-.65%, depending on package[5] 0.05-1.10%[2] Varies. Average is 1.08%[3] Varies. Average is 0.49%[4]
Tax Loss Harvesting Optimized at the Individual Equities Level Tax-Loss Harvesting refers to systematically shifting funds in order to use any losses to offset portfolio gains, thus reducing your overall tax burden. Many advisers offer tax-loss harvesting. But if they are using funds, the opportunity to generate this advantage is limited. Because OpenInvest bypasses fund managers and our customers directly own the managed basked of underlying securities, the opportunity for Tax Loss Harvesting is greatly enhanced. No No No No
Minimum Investment Amount $3,000 No[11] Varies $500 – $2,000,000[3] Varies
Total Portfolio Advisory and Optimization Establishes a diversified portfolio across asset classes based on your age and financial situation. Yes Yes No/Limited No No
IRAs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Transparency Into What You Own Yes No (Click here to see what’s hiding in a Betterment Portfolio) No No No Green ETFs, many of which are new, have a reputation for having some unsavory holdings “under the hood” (See this recent Bloomberg article). It is important to review carefully the stocks contained in these portfolios.
Socially & Environmentally Responsible Options Yes No Yes/Limited Yes Yes
Tailored to Your Unique Values Yes No No No No
Make Changes Any Time, Including Divest-Invest from Companies Based on Their Behavior This is not stock-picking. If you choose to divest-invest from a company, which you can do with a tap on your smartphone, OpenInvest’s algorithms instantly re-balance and optimize your portfolio to maintain diversification and market tracking. If you choose, you can be an “activist” investor while always maintaining a passive portfolio. Yes No No No No
See Actions Trending Among Others Who Share Your Values Yes No No No No
See Your Impact Yes OpenInvest shows you your real-time impact on the issues you care about – from carbon to weapons to gender – right on your dashboard. No No No No

Disclaimer: The information in this chart was gathered from the websites of the organizations themselves and third party websites as cited directly. It is updated periodically. However, we make no guarantees as to accuracy. Information may change in-between updates, and it is not meant to guide specific investment decisions. We recommend you conduct your own research before making a final decision on a service provider. In so doing, please let us know if you see anything out-of-date on this table to help us keep keep it as relevant as possible.

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